David de Regt
Redmond, WA
Specific Contact Info By Email Request
Education 1997-2001 Seattle Academy, Graduated Seattle, WA
2002-2006 Reed College, Graduated B.A. Physics Portland, OR
1998-1999 Pavo Labs, LLC Seattle, WA
Position: Intern
Worked with MIDItools department, programmed complete system emulator for the MIDItools computer, Win32 and Java ports, misc. tool development
2000 Solthree Software Issaquah, WA
Position: Intern
Tool developer, wrote stress-testing system for Experience Music Project information server
2003-2006 Reed College Nuclear Reactor Portland, OR
Position: NRC-Certified SRO (Senior Reactor Operator)
2003-Present PACSsoft, LLC. Redmond, WA
Position: Owner/Sole Proprieter
Developed a PACS server (see Projects) from the ground up, which is currently being licensed, and a PACS client is in development.
2002-Present Children's Hospital, Radiology Seattle, WA
Position: Developer
Developed complete self-contained web-based tele-radiology solution (MyFreePACS), numerous smaller applications for enhanced department productivity, information retrieval and analysis systems, workflow-driving applications, image viewers and processing systems
Publications de Regt D, Weinberger E. MyFreePACS: A Free Web-based Radiology Image Storage and Viewing Tool. AJR 2004; 183:535-537
Jelacic S, de Regt D, Weinberger E. Interactive Digital MR Atlas of the Pediatric Brain. Radiographics March 2006
Posters Jelacic S, de Regt D, Weinberger E: Interactive Digital MR Atlas of the Pediatric Brain. RSNA 90th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, Nov 28-Dec 3, 2004. Recipient of Certificate of Merit.
Mayock PR, Phillips G, Parisi M, Ngo A, de Regt D, Weinberger E: Interactive Digital Atlas of the Pediatric Skeletal System. The Society for Pediatric Radiology 48th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, May 3-6, 2005
Thapa M, Mayock PR, de Regt D, Weinberger E: Interactive digital MR atlas of the pediatric knee. AUR Annual Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 4-7, 2005
Kott B, de Regt D, Mayock R, Weinberger E: Interactive atlas of pediatric brain CT/MR imaging. Summa Cum Laude Award. ASNR Annual Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 21-27, 2005
PACSsoft PACS, An in-progress DICOM Server and Viewer combination written from the ground up as a fully COM-compliant DICOM providing application base, with a viewer and server built on top. The server is complete and is currently being licensed and used at the University of Washington and at Seattle Children's Hospital. The viewer is in development. The DICOMProvider is a C++ ActiveX control which the Server and Client both use. The Server is written in C++ with an administration tool written in C#, and the Client is written in C# using some C++ ActiveX controls for the graphics display.
Mcgraw-Hill IEB, a next-generation Interactive E-Book interface. Developed the functional interface, including extensive use of AJAX with PHP. The project is currently undergoing final product testing at Mcgraw-Hill.
MyFreePACS, a complete web-based tele-radiology solution. Web server portion is in PHP, with an ActiveX control written in C++ as part of the web page. Client includes multiplanar reconstruction, 3d localization, and all other features standard to even high-end PACS systems. Currently implemented and used clinically at Children's Hospital.
AC2D, a full replacement client for the game Asheron's Call. Written from the ground up using OpenGL, and utilizing a custom windowing system, the project's intent is to fully replace the client that came with the game.
TreeStats 1 and 2, a web-based character ranking and monarchy management tool for Asheron's Call characters. Server is in PHP, and client is in C++ utilizing COM. Site generated 30,000 unique pageviews/day, with 6,000 unique visitors/day. Over 12 million total unique pageviews, earning well over 120 million 'hits'.
My3D (personal project), a full software and hardware 3D engine, written in C++ under Windows. Software engine supports easy object management, full colored lighting, including phong and gouraud shading, and texture mapping, with bilinear filtering. Hardware engine utilizes OpenGL. System also contains surface subdivision algorithms (Loop Subdivision).
Ninthstar, an emulator for the console systems NES and Atari 2600, written in C++ under Windows. Contains full debugger and development tools for homebrew games.
Embedded DesignARM7 and Microchip PIC processors
C/C++Microsoft Visual C++ 6, 7 (.NET), and 8 (2005), Borland C++ Builder 3
C#Microsoft Visual C#.NET (also VB.NET)
BASICMicrosoft Visual Basic 6 and 7 (.NET), QuickBASIC 7.1/QBASIC
JavaMicrosoft Visual J++ 6, Sun ONE Studio 4
SQLMicrosoft SQL Server 2000/2005, MySQL 4/5
Web-ishPHP 3/4/5, Perl 5, Javascript, HTML 4, CSS, Extensive AJAX
AssemblyBasic x86, extensive 6805 and 6502
DICOMExtensive knowledge of DICOM Specification - File format, transfers, SCU/SCP, etc.
HL7Transfer protocol, message format/parsing
DirectXDirectX 3-9: Direct3D, DirectDraw, DirectInput, DirectSound
OpenGLOpenGL 1.1 (2D and 3D)
WinsockNumerous Clients/Servers Written, both TCP and UDP